Including Fees & Terms

GCA offers an appointment based consultation service to discuss or bounce around your project ideas.

The initial appointment is free and is held either by phone or via video conferencing.  This gives both parties an opportunity to meet and chat about the project. 

Each subsequent meeting, up to either engagement or cessation of services, including meetings at site are charged at our standard fee rates listed below.

Our consultation service can be tailored to meet your individual needs. 


Initial appointment                Free
Subsequent meetings             $150.00/per hour (excl. GST)
Site meetings                        $250.00/per hour (excl. GST)

An invoice is raised and issued for payment after each meeting.


If you wish to make an appointment, please complete the registration form below and submit.  

Upon receipt of this form, our office will be in contact with you to confirm your appointment.

Please note, the registration form must be submitted prior to your first appointment.

Thanks for submitting. A confirmation email will be sent to you shortly.

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