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Undertaken in 2017, the 4C Tour (CCCC) was an international journey exploring the processes behind the successful creation of co-housing and co-operative housing initiatives.

In September 2018, Gerard Coutts returned to the U.K to further investigate the progress being made in the international arena in the development of housing for the:

  • Aged

  • Families

  • Women

  • Homeless

  • Long-term renters and welfare recipients


The aptly named 5C Tour, delved deeper into the knowledge and learning from those actively working in these sectors advocating and developing better housing solutions for people and communities.

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5c tour
The 5C Tour
Check out the 2018 Tour

The 5C Tour: A Recap

A quick look at the 5C Tour undertaken by Gerard Coutts in September 2018. 


The 5C Tour further explored the concept of co-housing and cooperative housing initiatives; where establishing communication and respectful relationships sit at the very foundation of the delivery of successful projects.

The 5C Tour Teaser

The 5C Tour delves deeper into the processes behind the successful creation of co-housing and cooperative housing initiatives.

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The 4C Tour
Check out the 2017 Tour
4C tour

The CCCC Tour comes to an end but advocacy for housing solutions STARTS NOW!

The CCCC Tour was a journey full of interesting insights and new learning into co-operative and co-housing initiatives.

The final video revisits the places and people Gerard Coutts met along the tour. Whilst it provides closure to the actual journey, it also refreshes the knowledge gained and provides a stepping stone to the next stage - advocacy. 

The CCCC Tour - Neighbours driving architecture 

Gerard Coutts met with Tim Heide, of HEIDE & VON BECKERATH a Berlin based architect who has worked on several successful baugruppen projects.

Tim described how Baugruppen can innovate and transform architecture by forming the neighbourhood in the early stages of the project. The stakeholders consisting of various interests and professions, drive the design and how they want to live together in their new community. 

The CCCC Tour - Baugruppen - a home & neighbourhood created by you!

Gerard Coutts met with Kristien Ring, Principal of AA PROJECTS, Assistant Professor at University of South Florida & Author and editor of the publication “SELF MADE CITY".

The discussion focused on the Baugruppen model as a pragmatic alternative which creates high quality living at a low price that challenges the overall housing market. 


The CCCC Tour - A commercial co-operative in action!

Gerard Coutts visited Holzmarktstraße 25, a successful co-operative initiative with a commercial focus.  

Holzmarktstraße 25 is a creative solution providing;

  • An investment model which secures sites exclusively for co-operatve development outcomes.  

  • A workplace with childcare close by.

  • A variety of commercial creative spaces.


The CCCC Tour - Housing should not always be a profit making exercise.

Gerard Coutts met with Joel Dullroy, co-founder of Group Estate in Berlin. Group Estate is a Baugruppen platform where a group of people join together to collectively buy property to live. 

Baugruppen is a housing philosophy where;

  • Making a lifestyle choice ahead of capital growth is the priority.

  • The co-operative spirit is nurtured and harnessed.

  • The people are enthusiastic, but government land supply falls short. 


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