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The BIM Revolution

Gerard Coutts & Associates recently held an education session on “BIM” - Building Information Modeling and the major role it is playing in changing the face of the global construction industry.

The advancement of BIM technology is revolutionising traditional service provision, by allowing clients, consultants and contractors to work together both collaboratively and “virtually” thereby providing enormous benefits to the industry sector.

David Mitchell, Partner of Mitchell Brandtman, Quantity Surveyors and Construction Risk Management Specialists gave a captivating presentation on how BIM achieves significant efficiencies in project design, cost, procurement and build. “Providing cost certainty for today’s projects.” (Mitchell Brandtman)

As leading experts in BIM technology, Mitchell Brandtman has developed;

“Resources that demonstrate credible frameworks for BIM” which “act as a benchmark to what” they “think will become best practice in the area of building information modeling.” (Mitchell Brandtman)

Click here for further information on what is shaping and defining the BIM development space.

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