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Property Ponderings

Over the last couple of months, the team at GCA has been contributing to #Propchat, Australia’s leading national property conversation on Twitter. On a monthly basis, #Propchat connects individuals and property industry experts in a joint conversation based on a particular theme or subject. So far, a range of topics have been discussed - from buying, selling, renting and renovating.

GCA’s contributions have focused on what we know best – Property and Development Strategy. Identifying a property’s potential, adding value or taking steps to improve the value of the asset. This is not something new, but a point of difference. It is about providing a holistic point of view, clear and transparent advice and not pushing one particular agenda.

The conversations have highlighted to our team, the confusing advice and information circulating in the world of property. The potential hidden traps which can lay in wait for the ill-informed. It further raises the importance of concentrating on the fundamentals ie. undertaking your own research to ensure your decisions are based on professional sound advice.

We recently came across this article by Terry Ryder – Property Observer,

It is an excellent, straightforward read and highlights this essential contention;

“if anyone presents themselves as a holder of “secrets” in real estate, run away. Don’t look back. Anyone promising to reveal secrets in the property business is, by definition, a spruiker.” Terry Ryder.

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