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Working the Land

GCA is currently working with several landowner groups in Victoria and South Australia. We are assisting these groups with difficult planning and rezoning issues and the potential parceling up of their land for future residential development. This work requires specific strategic industry expertise; expertise which are frequently advertised by other property industry professionals. Our experiences however tell us, that we are one of the few organizations which provides services that take the next step to personally get to know the people behind the land.

We recognize the importance of taking the time to listen to our clients’ stories of the past. To comprehend the human and financial hardships many have had to endure. Their stories are often ones of difficulties immigrating to Australia with nothing more than the skills and personal drive to create a better life. The years of poor living conditions; where caravans and sheds were the housing norm. Raising, providing for their families whilst at the same time working the land, building and contributing to the surrounding community. We have spent many hours sitting around kitchen tables sharing a home grown cooked meal and listening to the stories of the past and dreams for the future. Dreams, which focus on the prospect of land potentially providing financial freedom, to their children and grandchildren. These are the personal stories behind our industry which need to be told.

At GCA we assist our clients through every step of the project lifecycle and development journey. We have a commitment to providing successful outcomes based on collaboration, empathy and responsibility. Our knowledge and experience is only part of the equation. Through trust, respect and transparency we deliver the results every client relationship and project deserves.

Are you looking to develop your property in the future? Take the first step with GCA to ensure you gain maximum return! Get in touch.

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