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GCA is 10!

From humble beginings in 2005 as a single person practice operating out of a home office environment, GCA is now a recognized project management provider with commercial premises in Hawthorn, Melbourne with a team of eight staff and associates.

Gerard Coutts our Managing Director, always dreamed of running his own consultancy. From his early days studying architecture at Deakin University, to a graduate role at The Buchan Group and later senior development roles with Delfin, Lend Lease and Muliplex, taking a leap of faith into the world of small business has provided opportunities on both a professional and personal level.

As project management strategists, GCA occupies a distinct position in the property and development marketplace. We offer a range of services to both the private and government sectors and we are regularly engaged to undertake complex and difficult tasks. We consider the benefits of using a project management strategy approach to projects is its ability to add value and influence overall project outcomes. It provides focused leadership, an appropriate delivery mechanism and achieves project outcomes “on time, on budget and to an agreed quality”.

One of our specialty skills is community and stakeholder engagement. We are experienced engagement professionals who thrive in challenging environments. We develop transparent communication channels, establish robust relationships and resolve misinformation and problematic issues. We are currently working with several local government agencies and private landowners in Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania. Click here to view our latest projects.

Having survived 10 years as a small business and experiencing our fair share of ups and downs, we think it is reasonable to say we have earnt our stripes. We look forward to many more years serving the project management, property and development sectors and would like to leave you with our;

Top 10 Tips to Increase Project Value

  1. People - Engage the right team for your project

  2. Advice & Strategy - Obtain advice & develop a strategy

  3. Due Diligence - Do your homework

  4. Communicate/Consult - Talk! Talk! Talk!

  5. Planning - Understand zoning, rezoning requirements & restraints

  6. Risk Analysis - Identify & assess factors that may impact the project

  7. Yield Analysis - Define what can & can’t be achieved

  8. Tax - Investigate potential tax provisions

  9. Partnerships - Explore funding & developer opportunities

  10. Budget - Establish & manage

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