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“We Won” – Small business on top

GCA is thrilled to announce our award in the City of Whitehorse 2013 Built Environment Awards.

Project Title:

Residential – Mont Albert North, Melbourne Category:

Sustainable Design and Development Project

This award reaffirms our commitment to “best practice” principles and our dedication to and advocacy for the integrated relationship between architecture, landscape, urban design, building and environmental sustainability.

left - Cr Andrew Munroe - Mayor, City of Whitehorse Centre - Gerard Coutts - Managing Director, Gerard Coutts & Associates Right - Louis Chiodo - Director, Louis Chiodo Architects

This project has also been nominated for the City of Whitehorse 2013 Sustainable Household Awards. The award winners will be announced next week on Thursday 21 March. See the award winning property featured in our "Retrofitting" video.

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