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The key to getting Council on your side for development success!

At GCA we come across a lot of land owners who own land on the outer edges and the urban fringe of Metropolitan cities. These parcels of land are often highly fragmented and nestled somewhere inbetween residential and rural zoned land.

Often these landowners are ready to make use of their land, whether it be for sub-division, building their own home or selling off. However the land owners simply do not know where to start. Many are unsure if their council will allow them to build or support development.

In our experience, GCA has found the key to gaining support from Council to develop land is via the formation of a land owners group.

A land owners group consolidates adjacent blocks of land into one large parcel. Collectively, these land owners not only share the costs involved in submitting a development application to council, they also have a much stronger argument to put forward. Council are much more likely to consider and approve a planning application, if the area for development is a larger land assembly rather than fragmented and isolated.

The process of development and rezoning can be complex and daunting. However, facing these challenges together with a group of like minded neighbours, focused and committed to the same philosophy, can produce an outcome that’s well worth the effort.

If you are considering developing or selling your land situated close to the urban fringe or even within a residential area, it pays to speak to your neighbours first!

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