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What is Land Assembly?

Land Assembly is a specialised area of property development. Its objective is to maximize upon sale, the value or financial return of identified land within potential development growth areas. The advantage being, land that has limited value as agricultural or individual land, gains increased worth via aggregation, formalisation and the establishment of a combined saleable development site.

Individual land owners, with the support of local government can both benefit from this type of development strategy. It requires vision, patience and a willingness to work collaboratively together to achieve a successful outcome for all stakeholders.

The essential mechanism to realize this success is a “Land Owners Group”; a legal entity consisting of land owners who financially contribute to the formation and operation of the group. A groups’ charter is to elevate the perception and profile of a land area through a unified land assembly. Working together to prioritize the land within both local and state government sectors as an area suitable for rezoning and potential future development.

So what are the benefits of a Land Owners Group?

  1. A unified voice which owns and manages a single large parcel of land.

  2. The combined ability to influence planning decisions and outcomes.

  3. An increased capacity for negotiation and sale.

  4. Process streamlining - government agencies deal with a single body, not multiple land owners with individual ownerships.

A Land Owners Group is a “win-win” for all parties.

The Adelaide Advertiser recently ran an article highlighting this very mechanism. It featured GCA and a group of landowners we are currently working with in Virginia, South Australia. Learn more...

If you want further information regarding “Land Owners Groups” and “Land Assembly” processes, how they operate and their benefits; get in touch with GCA today.



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