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Students giving small business the X factor

In the highly competitive project management industry, it’s important to be at the forefront of innovative human resource management and strategies. At GCA we think we have found the secret weapon – student mentorship and ‘real world’ work experience.

Emily Vongsaraphanh has recently joined the GCA team. She is a graduate in urban planning and design and is currently undertaking a Masters of Urban Planning at The University of Melbourne.

Working under the experienced guidance of Gerard Coutts, Emily's drive for success has provided our clients with the added benefit of innate skill and enthusiasm. Her youthful outlook, thirst for knowledge and productivity has enabled GCA to seize and achieve many new business opportunities in 2017.​

Next time you are looking to boost your business, work place culture or just need a few extra hands on board, why not give a student a greatly appreciated head start!

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