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Consultation, Mediation & Facilitation

Removing the stress from engagement.

Resolving misinformation and developing robust inclusive relationships between individuals, community groups and stakeholders is the key to project success.  

Engagement should provide genuine opportunities for involvement, wide ownership of a project and incorporate the four pillars of Communication, Consultation, Participation and Collaboration.

At GCA we recognize the crucial role community and stakeholder engagement can play and we fully appreciate the sensitivities often associated with the  process.  Our team members thrive in challenging environments and are fully equipped to tackle difficult and/or problematic consultation issues. 

Let GCA look after your engagement needs.

Our services

  • Community workshop facilitation

  • Data analysis & report writing 

  • Focus group facilitation

  • Landowner consultation

  • Mediation

  • Peak body stakeholder consultation

  • Project steering committee facilitation

  • Public meeting consultation

  • Scoping workshops

GCA in Action

Unearthing issues within a retail precinct

GCA was appointed by Stonnington City Council to assist with “Stage One” of the Engagement and Communications Plan for the Hawksburn Village Structure Plan.  GCA conducted the community and stakeholder engagement and, completed a Key Findings Report to provide Council with the issues, opportunities and priorities for the future planning of the precinct.

Hazelwood Consultation

GCA was appointed to facilitate a community meeting in relation to Councils decision to close the Hazelwood Pondage Caravan Park. Held onsite, GCA mediated the discussion between the various stakeholders to ensure meeting participants had the ability to ask and pose questions of a technical nature, gain a response to questions in an open and clear forum and arrive at an agreed outcome at the completion of the meeting.

Communicating with objectors

GCA was appointed by Latrobe City Council to undertake the community and land owner engagement for the Lake Narracan Precinct Structure Plan.  GCA facilitated a large meeting with sixty-six (66) land owners to mediate their concerns and, ultimately assist with the processing of their requests as modifications to the final Structure Plan.

Collaborating to find solutions

GCA was appointed by Bayside City Council to facilitate stakeholder workshops in relation to the traffic movement and road alignment options for the Hampton Willis Street Precinct.  GCA conducted two (2) workshops to assist the key stakeholders to work collaboratively together, to find a solution and agree on the implementation of a change to existing traffic conditions, to create capacity for future growth within the precinct.

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