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Planning & Design

Preparing the groundwork for success.

When opportunities present with potential obstacles and constraints, it is critical to obtain comprehensive, reliable and dependable advice. We are the professionals you can trust to guide you through the process and provide the services and support you will need to achieve project success. 

GCA in Action

Our services

  • Assessment, viability & feasibility analysis

  • CAD design & documentation

  • Desktop analysis

  • Developer engagement

  • Development applications

  • Development optioning

  • Development sequencing & staging

  • Funding options & negotiation

  • Infrastructure capacity & investment

  • Market research & analysis

  • Masterplanning

  • Planning & building permit processes

  • Project construction management

  • Project procurement strategy

  • Project programming & structuring

  • Sourcing of site opportunities & acquisition

  • Stakeholder liaison

  • Strategic planning

  • Sustainability & retrofitting advice

Interim & Future Land Use

GCA was appointed by the Adelaide Cemeteries Authority to provide a scoping report which investigates a potential land swap between the Authority and Gawler Town Council.  The swap will ensure the Cemeteries Authority can fulfil interment requirements over the next thirty (30) years.  The report is step one (1) of a three (3) part process which will include strategic and detailed site analysis of potential and future land use structures including the use of inactive land for a solar park.

Shipping Container Conversions

GCA was engaged by TRY Uncontained for the provision and preparation of documentation for the repurposing of shipping containers. Our services include design drawings, bills of quantities and technical specifications. Repurposing a shipping container saves approximately 8000Kw of energy that would be used to melt the steel to recycle it. Using that same container and converting the structure into a site office, an info centre or a home can also provide additional energy savings in the construction process.

Sustainability, design & building process 

GCA in collaboration with Louis Chiodo Architects effectively demonstrated that highly successful building outcomes can be achieved, through thoughtful considered design and, the application of “best practice” principles. The project team blended an existing 1950’s home with an unpretentious sustainable extension, thereby enabling the owners to live with fewer building maintenance issues and overall running costs.  The project was the winner of the Sustainable Design & Development Project Award- City of Whitehorse 2013 Built Environment Awards.

Critical assessment & reporting

GCA was appointed by Glen Eira City Council to undertake a measure-up of all the internal and external spaces of five (5) kindergartens in the local government region.  Taking into account the regulations pertaining to kindergarten facilities as prescribed by the Department of Education and Training, GCA provided Council with a comprehensive report including detailed existing conditions drawings for each kindergarten.

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