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Working with GCA, offers you and your project access to certified project management professionals who have the expertise, knowledge, skills and years of experience in the land, property, design and development sectors.  These elements are the keys to ensuring your project has a strong and robust foundation and is ultimately driven to a successful outcome.

​Having grown from a sole practitioner to a multi-disciplinary team of six, GCA provides services in the following four (4) key areas;


Development Advice & Guidance

Land Assembly & Land Owner Engagement

Property, Planning & Design Advice

Consultation, Mediation & Facilitation

What can we help you with?

Development Advice & Guidance
 Development Advice & Guidance 

Gaining knowledge & reducing risk.

Assisting you to make informed decisions; to mitigate risk & achieve your project objectives. 

Land Assembly and Landowner Engagement
Land Assembly & Land Owner Engagement

Working collaboratively creates opportunity.

A willingness to work together requires vision, patience & a guiding hand.

Property, PLanning & Development Advice

Preparing the groundwork for success.

Creating pathways through difficult processes to manage your project.

Property, Planning & Design Advice 
Consultation, Mediation & Facilitation
Consultation, Mediation & Facilitation

Removing the stress from engagement.

Resolving misinformation & developing robust relationships is the key to project success.

How Can We Help?

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