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Precinct Structure Plan Infographics

Period: May 2023 – September 2023
Client: Property Developer
Location: Greater Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

GCA was engaged by a property developer to produce Infographic Videos of a precinct structure plan (PSP) and its context, for a 140ha site in greater Melbourne, Australia.


Provided with the PSP base map, GCA broke the map down into components and created animated content over aerial footage captured by a commercial drone operator. The resulting infographic video included proposed infrastructure and key features of the site such as roads, landmarks, boundaries and surrounding amenities.

Infographic Videos are a useful tool in communicating impactfully and transparently with local government and stakeholders and assist clients in progressing to the next stage of a planned development. Flight paths are repeatable for tracking the development over time, and Infographics Videos are easily updated.  

GCA continues to push the boundaries with the development of the technology. Infographic Videos are a popular product amongst our clients and remain an engaging and easily understood form of communication for all types of projects.

Precinct Structure Plan

Site Context

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