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Sustainability in the Suburbs

GCA recently nominated a “single housing project” for the City of Whitehorse 2013 Built Environment Awards. We are excited to announce this project has now been shortlisted for a potential award.

The awards encourage projects that:

  • Demonstrate best practice in design, development and environmental sustainability

  • Demonstrate a complementary and integrated relationship between architecture, landscape and urban design

  • Retain and integrate existing vegetation, especially canopy trees, into the project design where possible

  • Feature attractive and useable outdoor spaces with a high level of amenity

  • Feature an innovative use of form, material and technology

  • Complement the local neighbourhood character

  • Provide a safe and accessible environment

The shortlisted project is a great reflection of best practice principles from inception to completion. The outcome could have been as simple as bulldozing the house and building a new home on the site. Instead the existing 1950’s weatherboard was maintained and blended with an unpretentious extension to produce a functional and sustainable home that reflects the “old” and the “new”, thereby complimenting and respecting the design of the original subdivision.

The project’s aim was to clearly identify that to build sustainably is not just about the building process. It should also mean that the owner can have a commitment to long term sustainable development by reduced building maintenance issues, outlays or running costs. The house also provides a great insight into the world of successful “retrofitting” and was extensively featured in our video on this very subject.

By showcasing this project GCA are hoping you will be encouraged by the knowledge that sustainable development is very attainable and you too can achieve success with your project through simple, thoughtful and affordable strategy.

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