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World of Drones and Robotics Congress - New Zealand

A picture tells a thousand words and some!

What I understand after many years of practice as a Project Manager, is that if you stop learning and listening you die (physically and metaphorically)! You have to listen to learn, and listening is the most important skill to enable learning. Understand?

A group of people sitting in a conference room listening to a presenter at a lecturn..
Discussions on Humanitarian Engineering, Disaster Response.

It’s not a good mental image seeing someone stop and give up. I’ve seen it many times, people retiring far too early and the physical and psychological impact this has on the workforce.

In the last two months I’ve attended the Australian Institute of Project Management Summit in Sydney and the World of Drones & Robotics Conference in Auckland, New Zealand. And I’ve listened! Deeply and intently.

At the AIPM Summit I met a number of people adjusting to the new ‘post-covid’ world. I think most people want to converse, speak and have someone listen, to keep thriving! The key learning here was about the new world, economics, the workplace and the importance of coming back together.

Now that’s a great mental picture.

Frog the robot dog. World of Drones & Robotics Conference 2023, New Zealand.

In New Zealand the discussion was around futuristic technology and adapting to change in the new world. We had the wonderful opportunity to talk about Gerard Coutts & Associates’ journey in this field and speak about our thought leadership and global leading practice in drones, post flight data and visualisation.

I believe people are enthusiastic about what we have to say: they certainly sit up and listen with renewed enthusiasm about the future in this space.

We have lots of perceptions and ideas to share: a mental picture tells a thousand words. Now that’s a good story and one worth living every day.



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