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AIBotics 2022 Singapore

The Singapore-based conference welcomed over 350 local and international attendees.

Source: 2022

Gerard and I were invited to contribute a virtual (and very visual) discussion on how we are leveraging drone capabilities to enhance the way we design, develop and experience places and place-making.

In line with this year’s theme on ‘human-machine collaboration,’ we demonstrated how drone-generated data can be utilised to augment human potential in the urban planning, land-use and architectural industries.

Watch our discussion on Placemaking: The Big Picture!

Key points:

  • Graphic representations of mapping and planning information are a valuable product that enhance the way we engage with property and land development projects.

  • Drones provide a modern way to conduct various surveys for land development projects (e.g. contours), saving on time and cost.

  • Building Information Modelling (BIM) and other 3D assets can be assembled with geospatial data to create a ‘virtual version’ of any development project, long before shovel hits the ground!

  • When the virtual sun corresponds with the location of the real sun, we can virtually conduct glare, reflection and shadow analyses for solar parks and agrivoltaic systems.

  • Case study: Avonnefields

    • 50 hectare regional development with 11 hectares planned for native vegetation, an apiary (beehives), packaging and processing facilities. An end-to-end system could see products grown locally, processed, packaged and exported from one location.

    • This stage in the master plan can be experienced on the ‘ground-level,’ through a player that navigates through Avonnefields, much like a computer game.

Gerard & I are grateful to have had the opportunity to share our journey in the drone technology and data space at AIBotics 2022.

Source: 2022

We are looking forward to sharing even more of our findings at the World of Drones Congress 2022 in Brisbane this November.

Furthermore, we are excited to see how World of Drones & Robotics Global, spearheaded scientific futurist Dr Catherine Ball, has expanded internationally!

Find out more about World of Drones & Robotics events here:



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