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Animated drone footage bringing property development to life

Drone usage and its application for property and property related projects have significantly increased in the last few years. Drones are being utilised across many sectors and they are bringing positive change as a new tool within work-place practice and delivery.

But, have you ever paused to consider the wider benefits drones can offer beyond the actual visuals or pretty pictures they provide? The property, planning and development sectors are professions which are doing just that.

These sectors are actively exploring new and interesting ways to apply drone technology as a tool to communicate land use and planning strategies, urban design and development concepts, and, infrastructure and master-planning implementation.

They are even taking it a step further by fusing drone footage with animated simulation to bring projects to life! Enabling not only viewers with project visualizationbut also providing users with the ability to demonstrate project opportunities and potential.

Animated drone footage is being utilised in planning scheme amendments and development plan applications; in client proposals and government submissions. It is helping to influence critical decision making processes, to gain support for a strategy and even stream-line an overall approach. All of which together, supports the facilitation and delivery of successful project outcomes; benefiting not only clients but also key stakeholders and the broader community.

Drone technology without a doubt is a positive link for the conceptualisation and development of quality property and planning within our Australian rural and regional areas and, in the creation of our Smart Cities.

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