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Emmaus France & UK

In 2017 I visited the United Kingdom, Germany, and Denmark to investigate various forms of housing including co-housing models. Our business has spearheaded a number of alternative housing methodologies in this space since then.


With thanks to Steve Cook, we were introduced to a deeper line of thought on Community Land Trusts based in the United Kingdom and explored other methods and typologies in Europe.

Woman volunteer at Emmaus second hand shop selling fabrics and ribbons.
Gerard and attendants at Emmaus heritage building in Montreuil Paris.

During the 2017 tour we were also introduced to Emmaus UK, a homelessness charity that not only provides a home, but also training and work opportunities to cultivate long-term support for people who have experienced homelessness.

We attended their social enterprise site at Cambridge (the first Emmaus community established in the UK), and it was suggested that we explore the possibility of establishing Emmaus communities in Australia. Pressed by the urgency and adversity of Covid-19, we now have a dedicated Steering Committee focused on this outcome.


I recently attended the Emmaus community at Greenwich, London, and Emmaus International Secretariat at Montreuil, Paris. These visits were incredibly insightful in terms of the alternative service models that were provided from direct outreach, accommodation, and a variety of social enterprise options.

Volunteers from diverse ethnic backgrounds doing arts and craft.
Colorful assortment of children's toys on sale at second-hand charity shop.

I genuinely believe the Emmaus model can be established in Australia and New Zealand utilising the diversity of approaches from across the globe. A growing proportion of our population is in need of long-term accommodation and the day-to-day basics required to look after oneself.


Our Steering Committee are motivated to establish Emmaus in Australia and New Zealand.




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